Recruitment Technology and Automation Specialist

Streamline Your Agency’s Success with Recruitment Automation

At Superstar Projects, I empower recruitment agencies to leverage automation for enhanced efficiency. As a recruitment automation specialist, I tailor tech solutions to your operational needs, creating intuitive workflows and AI-driven strategies that spotlight your brand and speak directly to your clientele.

Busy with the business of recruitment? Let automation do the heavy lifting. Simplify your processes, enrich candidate engagement, and secure top talent faster. It’s time to elevate your agency’s productivity.

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Consult, Implement & Support

Empowering agency leaders with a strategic approach to recruitment technology. I’ll help you navigate the maze of available tools, ensuring you’re equipped with the optimal solutions for your unique business needs.

Process Mapping

Discover the art of efficiency with tailored process mapping. By analysing and optimising each workflow, I drive greater efficiency, ensuring that your team’s efforts are maximised where they count the most.

Workflow & Automation

Say goodbye to manual, error-prone processes, and data silos. I specialise in building custom automations that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows, freeing up your team to focus on recruitment’s human aspect.

Custom AI Applications

Transform the way you manage data with bespoke AI applications. Designed to reflect your brand’s ethos, these tools enhance consistency, intelligent data handling, and overall efficiency in your recruitment processes.

About Me

Hello! I’m Mandy, the person behind Superstar Projects. My journey into the tech world started quite early, driven by a keen interest in everything digital.

I work closely with leaders in the recruitment sector, offering tech and automation solutions to streamline their operations. My adventure with Superstar began in early 2021, after a decade of honing my skills in a fast-paced professional services environment. That role, where I was often the bridge between tech and people, taught me a lot about what businesses really need.

I have a degree in computer science, and my background is rich in hands-on tech tasks — coding, setting things up, problem-solving, you name it. But what really excites me is finding ways to make technology work smarter for people, not the other way around.

Superstar Projects is a return to my tech roots, and it’s a journey of constant learning and adaptation for me.

When I’m not immersed in tech, I’m probably out enjoying the countryside near Bath, where I live with my daughter and my partner, Alan. Give me a sunny day, some good music, and a relaxed vibe, and I’m happy.

If you’re curious about how tech can support your business or just want to chat about potential ideas, I’m all ears. Reach out anytime!

Mandy Gray

Founder, Superstar Projects

What People Say

“Mandy is absolutely fantastic, really easy to work with and is so quick at understanding what you are looking to achieve.
The knowledge of Mercury XRM and Power Automate is so in depth, therefore everything you can think of Mandy has the solution.
The utilisation of our CRM has increased significantly, and those holes are becoming smaller and smaller.
I cannot recommend Mandy highly enough, if you need to know a little bit more about automation or you have a project in mind then give Mandy a shout.”

Alex Christie – Managing Director of EnergiPeople
January 2024

“It’s been fantastic working with Mandy, who has saved me so much time by introducing me to new tech with the office 365 package, automating functions, and boosting my skills with Sharepoint and Teams. I’d highly recommend Mandy if you need to save time, get the most out of your systems, and improve productivity!”

Sian Shepherd – Graudate Support Project Manager at Bangor University
February 2023

“I have worked (and still do) with Mandy for several months now. She was recommended to me by another recruitment business owner as I was looking for additional support around improving my back office processes. Mandy has been excellent. She has taken my ideas and turned them into a reality. Moreover, she has ensured we have stuck to deadlines and got things done. She has also helped upskill my existing team as well as being a hands-on operations expert herself. I would highly recommend Mandy. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Wayne Brophy – CEO of Cast UK and CAST USA
August 2022

“Mandy came on board to turn us from a chaotic start-up into an organised one and the results have been incredible. I now call us a Delivery engine and that is down to Mandy! She mapped our delivery process, introduced Teams & Sharepoint so that we could collaborate better as a team, made sure we were using our wonderful CRM (Vincere) to it’s maximum, introduced Trello and Process Street to ensure processes were being followed with accountability. We introduced a new marketing automation tool and she quickly became the super user and trained all of the existing team and new starters. She mapped out an on-boarding programme for new starters and saved me a lot of time by running many of the sessions herself. If you need a highly experienced project manager, ops manager or someone to organise your business then you need to be working with Mandy! She is knowledgable in a lot marketing SEO, GDPR and cyber security so can help you in more ways that you probably think you need. I highly recommend her.”

Hannah Keep – Founder & CEO of Agility On Demand
July 2022



Ad-Hoc Rate

My standard ‘in-hours’ rate is £70 per hour (minimum 2 hours) for ad-hoc project work. These hours will be tracked and broken down in your invoice.
All services will be carried out remotely unless agreed otherwise. Terms and conditions apply.

Monthly Retainer Packages

If you would like to secure my time on a regular basis each month, or for a defined period of time, then a retainer package is for you. This is ideal to ensure costs remain fixed, with the flexibility to add additional hours if required. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, get in touch and let me know your requirements.

If you are looking to improve your recruitment processes, through, AI, tools, and automation, contact me now!